Color Solar Cell from LOF only

LOF SOLAR has developed the first ever high efficiency color solar cell in the world. Our conversion efficiency is 30% higher than the competitor's products.

In the past, solar cells could only be produced in indigo hues, due to the antireflection film coated on the cell surface. The monochrome color of these cells inhibited its use in aesthetic design, and thus posed limits to its popularity. Lof's colorized solar cells do not hamper conversion efficiency, and its design can be combined with the exterior hues of buildings and houses, to enhance color coordination. Lof's color solar cells will lead the way into an "era of color", which will not only expand solar cell application, but will also greatly enhance its product value.

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green energy, literally!

LOF’s green solar cell can showcase the green energy literally. By designing LOF’s green solar cell into the system, you can paint the earth green, for real.