Classic Series
LOF Lavender Color Solar Cell

ultraviolet rays
With its bright and lively hue, we’ve found that LOF Lavender is becoming a favorite for designers and home owners alike. A unique way to apply the LOF Lavender color solar cell is by pairing it with the ancient Chinese concept of Feng-Shui, which conveys the notion that certain colors bring positive energy into a new space. Now, you can bring this positivity into your own space with the help of our lavender solar cell. Successful case: Chungli, Taiwan

Power Range

Efficiency range (%) 17.60-16.40
Power range (W) 4.32-4.03


High conversion efficiency
Positive power gain rate after lamination
Optimized design for good solderability and long-term stability
Customized design
Made in Taiwan


LOF classic series datasheet.pdf