Classic Series
LOF Terracotta Color Solar Cell

Demanded by many home owner living in a historical residence with brownish orange roof tile, Terracotta is a newly developed color by LOF to further matching the fired clay. In Italian, terracotta means baked earth, referring to clay in structural form which assumes natural gradient colors from pale brown to deep orange to violet when fired. Today, even new built house owners specify the use of terracotta roof tile with matching color solar panel, to achieve natural aesthetics while harvesting clean energy from the sun.

Power Range

Efficiency range (%) 16.60-15.80
Power range (W) 4.07-3.88


 High conversion efficiency
 Positive power gain rate after lamination
 Optimized design for good solderability and long-term stability
 Customized design
 Made in Taiwan


LOF classic series datasheet.pdf