LOF corporate with architect and provide professional technical consultant service and design solution. LOF will provide the 3D graph of house appearance with color solar cells before starting construction of the house. In addition, in the early stage of project, LOF also can provide design consultation services. Below are some typical solutions for color solar application and design.

These grid-tie solar systems or residential solar carport system can produce power by color solar modules or BIPV. Looks are everything. LOF provide a variety of color BIPV to design solar array structural systems.At LOF, we have the professional team assist you with the design of your solar carport system project and also can show the CIS by customized.

Success cases: Vibrant Café in Malaysia.


The shading elements are particularly important for the construction of building. These increase access to direct sunlight while providing additional architectural benefits such as passive shading.

Success cases:Bari International Airport in Italy,Utah university in USA.


Art Installation 、Landscape

An astounding art installation weighs more than thousand words. It converse with the public about solar energy in a poetic way.

Success cases: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.Golden Solar Sail in Canada.Shanghi World Expo China Pavilion.



Using BIPV for skylight systems can be both an economical useand an exciting design feature. Due to the laminated glass design, LOF products can be used for overhead installation.

Success cases: EX- Michelin area – le albere by Renzo Piano.


Power Plant

Ground-mounted solar power plant is not limited to blue or black panel. When an unique identification is required for megawatt scale solar project, color panel can be the solution.

Success cases: YUESO EXPO in KOREA、Power Plant with Galapagos.


Balcony Railing

Ideas on decorating your balcony are endless. In your balcony, the most important accessories will be the plant. Another clever idea for the balcony is installing LOF color BIPV on the balcony. It also can bring green energy to your balcony.

Success cases: Austria Gold Solar House, Germany Black Forest.



According to the material and construction of traditional and modern houses, LOF can provide the consult service of design solution. The use of BIPV in roofing systems can provide a direct replacement.The BIPV can not only save energy but also bring colors into life.

Success cases: LOF Tile Red Rooftop in Avignon, Solar Villa by Lake Garda,Tile Red Rooftop in Venice,EX- Michelin area – le albere by Renzo Piano,Solar Villa in California,Positive Energy Villa in Taiwan.



The louvre’ semi transparency can still bring in the view and sunlight from outdoor, while generate the electricity. Movable shading louvres are intricate. They can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The incident sunlight irradiance can be tailored everyday by moving the louvres, as per the different climate conditions or different hours of the day. The tilt-able PV louvres offer architect a vehicle to play with the shadow and light.

Success cases: London Kingsgate House,Chilgok Campus, Yeungin College.


PV façade can be applied to not only the landscape, but also more traditionally, to the building. The benefits of façade-type BIPV, when applied to the building envelope, are weather durability, noise blocking, shielding, insulation, and safety.

There are several types of PV façade, such as cold facades, warm facades, or double-skin. The cold facades are cavity wall structures, as in LOF Emerald Green Seattle Airport Tower case. The warm facades provide the thermal insulation and acoustic protection.

Success cases: World’s Tallest Colour BIPV Skyscraper- ISP bank HQ,Seattle-Tacoma International Airport