At LOF, we will work with you/architects and provide professional, technical consulting services and design solutions. Before installation, we will also provide a 3D graph/visual of your building or home with installed color solar cells/panels. During the early stages of the project, we also offer design consultation services. Below are some example solutions for color solar cell application and design.

The shading elements are a particularly important factor in the design and construction of a building. Shading elements increase access to direct sunlight while also providing architectural benefits, such as passive shading.

Successful cases: Bari International Airport in Italy ; Utah university, USA


Art Installation / Landscape
An astounding art installation is worth more than a thousand words. See how art can express the beauty and power of solar energy in a poetic way:  

Successful cases: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport ; Golden Solar Sail, Canada ; Shanghai World Expo - China Pavilion


Due to their laminated glass design, LOF color BIPV products can be used for overhead installation. BIPV skylight systems can double as an energy saver and an exciting design feature by transforming the way light and shadow are captured in a space. 

Successful case: EX- Michelin area – le albere by Renzo Piano


Power Plant
Ground-mounted solar power plants are not limited to the standard blue or black panel. Colored solar panels are a great alternative to consider, especially as a means to showcase your company’s name or logo. 

Successful cases: YUESO EXPO in KOREA ; Power Plant with Galapagos 


Balcony Railing
Ever thought that your balcony could become a vehicle to harness solar energy? LOF’s color BIPV can easily be integrated into your balcony’s railing to not only generate electricity, but also serve as elegant decor.

Successful cases: Austria Gold Solar House ; Germany Black Forest


LOF can provide design solution consulting services according to the material and construction of traditional and modern houses. The use of BIPV in roofing systems can provide a direct replacement for your roof’s shingles/tiles. This BIPV solution not only saves energy but also allows your roof to retain its original coloring. 

Successful cases: LOF Tile Red Rooftop in Avignon ; Solar Villa by Lake Garda ; Tile Red Rooftop in Venice ; EX- Michelin area – le albere by Renzo Piano ; Solar Villa in California ; Solar Villa,CaliforniaPositive Energy Villa in Taiwan



The photovoltaic (PV) louvre is semi-transparent. Thus, it can provide a source of renewable energy while still allowing you to enjoy the view and sunlight from the outdoors. Movable shading louvres are intricate and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The incident sunlight irradiance can be tailored everyday by moving the louvres based on different climate conditions and hours of the day. Thus, PV louvres offer architects a vehicle to play with shadow and light.  

Successful cases: London Kingsgate House ; Chilgok Campus ; Yeungin College


Color BIPV can be applied to both the façade of buildings and of landscapes. Advantages of this design solution include weather durability, sound insulation, shielding, thermal insulation, and resistance from external impact/forces.

There are several types of photovoltaic (PV) façades including cold, warm, and double-skin. Cold façade consist of a cavity wall structure (see LOF Emerald Green Seattle Airport Tower). Warm façades provide thermal and acoustic insulation (see World’s Tallest Color BIPV Skyscraper- ISP bank HQ). Double-skin façades are composed of the complete existing façade with an extra transparent glass envelope constructed in front of it to help regulate a building’s temperature and provide sound insulation.

Successful cases: LOF Emerald Green Seattle International Airport Tower,  World’s Tallest Colour BIPV Skyscraper- ISP bank HQ