Type : Carports
Color LOF Stone Elegance
Cell : 5400 pcs
Output : 20KW
Location : Bari, Italy
Finished : August, 2009


Based in southern Italy’s second largest city, the Bari International Airport is a major transportation hub for travelers from Europe and beyond. Bari’s ample sunshine provided a fantastic opportunity to harness solar energy. The airport's elegant marble-like color solar panels are made up of 5,400 pieces of LOF’s designer solar cell. These colorized solar cells ,named Stone Elegance, are not only

beautiful outside, but powerful on the inside. LOF’s patented, high efficiency color-coating technology made it possible to create the 20kWp system with only 90 panels. No other color cell manufacturers have reached this record so far. Again, LOF has proven itself to be the world's-leading producer of high efficiency color solar cells.