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Since 2008, Lof Solar has been a world-leading inventor, developer, and manufacturer of high-efficiency color solar cells. Lof Solar is also a tribute to Professor J.J. Loferski, a solar cell pioneer, who was a great teacher and inspiration to Lof’s founder when he studied at Brown University. Each day, Lof is devoted to making the world greener, merrier, and prettier via colorful Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions.


lofsolar_Dr. Loferski Dr. Joseph John Loferski (1925-1997), a physicist and pioneer in the development of modern solar cells, was born in Hudson, Pennsylvania, USA. In 1953, he received a doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Loferski then went on to serve as an emeritus professor of engineering at Brown University, where his book, Methods of Improving the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells, was published in 1972. In the span of his research career, he authored 150 technical papers and 5 books focused on photovoltaic cells. What Dr. Loferski and other early solar cell researchers demonstrated was that semiconductor devices might one day produce commercially competitive, pollution-free electricity.

Color solar cell from LOF only

Color solar cell

LOF Solar CorpOur colorful products are supplied to clientele worldwide, including Germany, Italy, the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, India, and more. We export the majority of our products to overseas markets. Additionally, the lifetime of our innovative product easily surpasses 25 years- comparable to the traditional blue solar cell. LOF products have received a number of patents and certifications, including TUV, IEC 61215 (diamond performance), and IEC 61730 (safety). 


LOF is the winner of the Outstanding Photonics Product Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award. With both innovative material and patented technology, LOF has raised the bar on both aesthetics and function in the solar world.

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