Type : Solar Louvre
Color LOF Metallic Gold
Module : 8x5,  glass-glass module with
Output : 10.2 KW
Location : Yeungin College, South Korea
Finished : 2010


Located in Daegu, South Korea's forth-largest city, Yeungjin College experiences warm, sub-tropical climate- one perfectly suitable for harnessing solar energy. Thus LOF Metallic Gold color solar panels were installed in the louvres of the Chilgok Campus administration building, in Q3,2010. LOF’s 156mm, 8x5 Metallic Gold solar cell was particularly selected to make a splendid yet modern statement. The total power output is 10.2kw.

The photovoltaic (PV) louvre is semi-transparent. Thus, it can provide a source of renewable energy while still allowing you to enjoy the view and sunlight from the outdoors. Movable shading louvres are intricate and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The incident sunlight irradiance can be tailored everyday by moving the louvres based on the different climate conditions or hours of the day. Thus, PV louvres offer architects a vehicle to play with shadow and light.