Type : Facade
Color LOF Stone Elegance
Module : 8x18
Output : 185 KW
Location : Turin, Italy
Finished : 2014
Architect : Renzo Piano


The Intesa Sanpaolo HQ skyscraper is located in Turin’s historical city center in northwestern Italy, near the Alps. LOF’s acclaimed Marble series color solar cell, Stone Elegance, served as a central design feature in the construction of the building designed by the famous Italian architect, Renzo Piano. Piano’s work consistently focuses on the artistic and technical details of architecture. The skyscraper stands 77m tall and is composed of 37 floors. The edifice is also described as a “bio climatic building”, meaning that is naturally ventilated and cooled. The Stone Elegance color solar panels, which cover the southern façade of the skyscraper, generate 185kw power.