BIPV Project : Shanghai World Expo 2010
Color LOF Tile Red,
    LOF Meadow Green,
    LOF Lake Cyan
Cell  : 70,000 pcs
Module   5x5, 90Wp, 2,800 pcs 
    (glass-glass modules)
Output : 250KW
Location : Shanghai, China
Finished : 2010


The China Pavilion’s concept is to reconstruct the beauty of Yuanmingyuan, once the most beautiful palace in the world. The China Pavilion has three different color solar panels installed: TILE RED, MEADOW GREEN, and LAKE CYAN, by LOF SOLAR. In this 250 kw PV project, our color cells coordinated with the red pavilion, green meadow, and bluish-green pond in the courtyard. The color harmonizes with the China Pavillion’s

concept to showcase to the world China’s goodwill towards the environment. Creatively designed by LOF SOLAR’s partner architecture firm- Façade Design & Development (Vancouver, BC), the color panels were installed horizontally on the top of the outer wall’s edge (aka platform or parapet), next to the official pedestrian path, and thus, made LOF SOLAR’s color panels a must-see for all visitors to the China Pavilion.