Type : Solar Tower and Solar
Color LOF Emerald Green
Module : 6x13
Location : Seattle, Washington, USA
Finished : December, 2010
Landscape  : Laura Haddad, Tom 
Designer   Drugan


LOF Emerald Green solar panels were installed at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport in December 2010. Glass Magazine reported that: “The new clock tower at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a landmark entry art piece highlighted by a vertical row of 6x13 custom green building integrated photovoltaic modules. The installation, called “Emerald City,” was designed by Seattle-based artists Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan.” The double glazing panel’s front glass is 4mm and the

back glass is 6mm. The Emerald Green solar cells were encapsulated into the glass with 1.5 mm polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Then, each panel was installed in a stainless-steel mullion system. Each color solar panel is tilted toward the sun at a slightly different angle, glittering new look to the airport. “The modules power the tower’s internal colored LED lights that create a visual thermometer by sensing the outside temperature and representing it with correlating colors.”