Type : Solar Power Plant with color
   modules as identification
Color LOF Sparkling Gold,
  LOF Emerald Green
Cell : 18,000 pcs
Module : 6x10 (116 pcs Sparkling 
    Gold & 183 pcs Emerald 
Output : 235Wp
Location : YUESO EXPO, South Korea
Finished : 2012


A megawatt solar power plant doesn’t have to look like any other solar power plant anymore. Now, a plant can be clearly identified from afar with colorful solar modules,such as this one in Yeuso, South Korea. The plant and panels were built for the 3 month-long,marine 2012 YEUSO EXPO and the event name (“2012 YEUSO EXPO”) and corporation’s name.

(“KOMIPO”) were spelled out in LOF Emerald Green and Sparkling Gold color solar panels. A total of 18,000pcs of LOF 156mm color solar cells were used in this project. The Emerald Green module meets the demand of a minimum of 225Wp. Now, a solar power plant can not only harness renewable energy, but also become a channel for a little free publicity!