BIPV Module


Color photovoltaics are a frequently applied element in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). BIPV are photovoltaic modules or systems which can be incorporated into the construction of a building, thus replacing conventional building materials while also providing a source of renewable energy.


LOF color solar cells have proven to be a popular choice among architects. For example, LOF cells have been an important feature in several, notable BIPV projects including Le Albere and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank HQ by Renzo Piano, London Kingsgate House by  Horden Cherry Lee, and the Agriculture Sciences Building at Utah State University, by HDR. Examples of residential BIPV projects include Black Forest, Germany and Austria Gold Solar House.


LOF’s double-glass BIPV panels are extremely versatile and can be applied to rooftops, façades, skylights, balconies, blinds, shutters, bris-soleil, carports, louvres, and art installations. In addition to generating power, LOF’s panels provide weather protection, heat insulation, and shading from the sun. Upon customer request, all solar modules can be customized. LOF customizations include module shape, color, laminate construction, laminate module size, module voltage, and module transparency.


Now, with the advanced techniques of color BIPV, you can transform your home or building into a space powered by solar- with style.






Power range (W) 135-145
Length*Width*Height (mm) (or any customized size) 1096*1066*13.5
Weight 37.0 kg / pcs
Junction Box IP67




Double Glass multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic module
Customized array assembly 
Made in Taiwan
Using optical low iron tempered glass, EVA resin, module for outdoor use
Certified by ISO 9001:2000


LOF BIPV datasheet 6X6.pdf